ECSE 612 – Multiuser Communications

Winter 2011 - Professor Mai Vu

ECSE612 is an advanced graduate course with focus on theory and practice in multiuser communications. The lectures will focus on multiuser information theory with applications in communications. We cover the fundamentals of the multiple access channel, broadcast channel, cognitive channel, interference channel, relay channel, network coding and MIMO multiuser channels. We will also review information theory basics such as entropy, mutual information, channel capacity, random coding to enable students to grasp the core ideas of the multiuser information theory results.

Students are expected to perform a research project as part of the course credit. For the project, students are encouraged to explore applications of the ideas introduced in class to modern communications, as well as information theory.

Lectures: MW 10:05 - 11:25 am, McConnell 627

  • The list of class projects this term has been posted.